Who’s hot and who’s not? Since November 2013 the Golden Times checks, which are the most popular AEGEE antennae on Facebook, which are the rising stars in popularity an which fanpages manage to involve their readers the best. For this overview, all Facebook pages were checked yesterday, on 16th of May 2014. The result: AEGEE-Baki is still on top, the two Italian antennae AEGEE-Cagliari and AEGEE-Napoli are rising quickly – and two Polish antenne are the best in the network when it comes to involving the fans: AEGEE-Warszawa and AEGEE-Kraków.

1. You need 2760 fans for the top 10

Facebook top 10 may2014

  • In order to be in the top ten, an antenna needs more than 2760 Facebook fans. In January, 2400 were sufficient.
  • Two antennae are new in the top 10 since March: AEGEE-Napoli and AEGEE-Cagliari.
  • There are no changes in the top 6 since January, but AEGEE-Napoli might change that soon.
  • Most of the top ten are in the Southern part of Europe: five are in Italy, two in the Caucasus region, and one each in Malta, Spain and Hungary.
  • 171 locals and contacts have a fan page. That’s the huge majority of the network. A few others prefer a personal profile, some have both.


2. AEGEE-Baki is still far ahead of the others

With 6314 fans AEGEE-Baki’s Facebook page has still by far the most fans. Since January, the number increased by 446 fans.


3. No new entries in the Top 40

Facebook top 40 may2014 640

  • For being in the top 40, nearly 1300 fans are necessary. This number goes constantly up. However, since March there is no new entry in the top 40.
  • The constant rise of AEGEE-Napoli is most remarkable. From place 16 to number 7 in four months.
  • AEGEE-Athina climbed even 13 places and is now 23rd.
  • Among the top 40 is with AEGEE-Avellino-Benevento a deleted antenna – on 29th place. It constantly falls back. In November it was still on the 16th rank.

4. The rising stars from the south

Facebook growth may2014

  • AEGEE-Madeira dominates the list of locals who gained most new Facebook fans since March. This is not a surprise, since the antenna just switched from a personal Facebook profile to a Facebook page and converted their friends into fans.
  • Three of the ten bodies with the biggest increase are Italian locals: AEGEE-Napoli, AEGEE-Cagliari and AEGEE-Torino.
  • One of the ten most popular bodies is a contact and not a local: Dresden is making excellent PR on all levels. The page was launched on 31st of March.
  • Also the AEGEE-Moskva page is quite new. It started this year and is gaining fans quickly.
  • AEGEE-Kraków is not only gaining many fans, but is strong in every overview when it comes to interaction with the fans.


5. The rising stars in pictures

Number 1: AEGEE-Madeira – https://www.facebook.com/aegee.madeira


Number 2: AEGEE-Cagliari – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aegee-Cagliari/341945399181747. The URL could be catchier, though.


Number 3: AEGEE-Napoli – https://www.facebook.com/aegeenapoli


6. The talk of AEGEE…

Facebook activation may2014

  • Despite the large number of fans, only 11 antennae have three-digit figures when it comes to engaging their fans. Small remark about the “talking about” number in the picture: Facebook gives a figure for the level of interaction and engagement with a page. This number is very volatile: if nothing is posted for a few weeks, people will not check the page and the “talking about” figure gets low very quickly.
  • 31 of the 171 antenna pages engage zero people.
  • 88 locals with a page currently engage less than ten people. This is more than half of all pages.
  • Two Polish antennae are on top. AEGEE-Warszawa overtook AEGEE-Kraków, which was leading this ranking in March, due to frequent reports and pictures about local activities.

7. The talk of AEGEE in pictures

Currently number one when it comes to engaging members and other fans: AEGEE-Warszawa – https://www.facebook.com/aegee.warszawa


This time only on second place, but still strong: AEGEE-Kraków – https://www.facebook.com/aegee.krakow


Gaining lots of new fans and also engaging them well: a well-deserved third place dor AEGEE-Athína – https://www.facebook.com/aegee.athina


The next overview will be published in July.