Jürgen Tobisch (36) was member of three antennae: Mainz/Wiesbaden, Berlin and Tübingen. He was especially interested in films, so it was no surprise that he organised the Film Convention of AEGEE-Mainz/Wiesbaden in 2002 and the short film festival Shooting Europe in Karlsruhe 2005/06. He also organised several Summer Universities. Today he is Project Manager at the company Titelbild and lives in Berlin.

Golden Oldie: When and where were you born?
Jürgen Tobisch: Böblingen, Germany, 21st of November 1974

Golden Oldie: Where and what did you study?
Jürgen Tobisch: I studied film studies, comparative literature and social studies in Bochum, Mainz and Edinburgh.

Golden Oldie: When did you join AEGEE and how?
Jürgen Tobisch: In 2000 in Mainz – somebody talked to me at the students’ refectory and introduced me to the concept of Summer Universities.

Golden Oldie: Are you still member? If yes, of which antenna?
Jürgen Tobisch: No. But I have friendly relations to the antennas in Mainz, Tübingen and Berlin.

Golden Oldie: You are best known for being organising film events and projects in Mainz and Karlsruhe. How did you get this task?
Jürgen Tobisch: I don’t remember completely, but I think AEGEE.TV wanted to make a film festival and some people knew that I am into film, so they introduced me to others and somehow the team was formed. Furthermore I did have already some experience in organising film festivals which I could contribute.

Golden Oldie: What where the biggest challenges and rewards of these tasks?
Jürgen Tobisch: The biggest challenge was to get the filmmakers to Karlsruhe and arranging a good programme.

Golden Oldie: Did other people appreciate your work?
Jürgen Tobisch: I hope so….

Golden Oldie: What was your favourite AEGEE event?
Jürgen Tobisch: My first SU in 2000 in Venice and my Georgia trip in 2004.

Golden Oldie: Which AEGEE member impressed you a lot?
Jürgen Tobisch: OIivier Genkin for his ongoing enthusiasm, Gunnar Erth for being almost at every event….

Golden Oldie: Any things you regret that you haven’t done them in AEGEE?
Jürgen Tobisch: Kissing more girls. ;-)

Golden Oldie: Did AEGEE influence your career decision?
Jürgen Tobisch: Not really.

Golden Oldie: As a child, what did you dream to be your future job after growing up?
Jürgen Tobisch: I don´t remember….

Golden Oldie: What are you doing now as main occupation?
Jürgen Tobisch: Working as a project manager.

Golden Oldie: Are you single/married/married with 5 children?
Jürgen Tobisch: In a relationship. I know children, but I don´t have some…

Golden Oldie: Which languages do you speak?
Jürgen Tobisch: German, English, very little French.

Golden Oldie: Where do you live now? What do you like/dislike about your city?
Jürgen Tobisch: I live in Berlin – the best and most diverse city of Germany. Positive: you can find here any foreign culture – and also their restaurants. Negative: sometimes it is a little anonymous in such a city as Berlin.

Golden Oldie: What is the furthest place you ever went to?
Jürgen Tobisch: From Sindelfingen, it must be Los Angeles.

Golden Oldie: Which countries would you like to visit in the near future?
Jürgen Tobisch: Middle East, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand…

Golden Oldie: What are your hobbies?
Jürgen Tobisch: Film, literature, theatre, cooking.

Golden Oldie: What are you most afraid of?
Jürgen Tobisch: To die too early.

Golden Oldie: What’s never missing in your fridge?
Jürgen Tobisch: A frozen pizza.