Four months have passed since our first article about new members in LA – time to check who joined our alumni association since then. Les Anciens got eleven new members. Welcome! However, if you think they were active in recent years and just quit their AEGEE career, then you are wrong. Most of them were actually active in the 90ies or first years of the past decade. Here they are:

Arda Moltay (35) was one of the people that shaped AEGEE-Istanbul in its very early years. From 1996 to 1998 he was President of the first  Turkish AEGEE antenna. Today he works as engineer in Istanbul.







Bartosz Kotowicz (26) was mainly fascinated by PR activities, especial issues of design. He was PR Director and President of AEGEE-Gdansk, but was also quite active on European level, as PRWG member, as team member of the Key to Europe and One Europe team, the project Take Control and the Case Study Trip to Caucasus. He shared his knowledge as trainer at Network Meetings and Local Training Courses. Today he works as self-employed Brand Strategist. His company is called Engram – Branding Studio.









Guarani Martins de Morais (32) was President of AEGEE-Berlin. In this position he organised various events in Berlin, such as a Network Meeting and a Pre-Agora event. Guarani still lives in Berlin and works as economic event organiser for the company Bread and Butter Berlin.






John Eriksson (37) was active in AEGEE for eight years – from 2002 until 2010. He was President, Vice President and Secretary of his home antenna AEGEE-Lund, for which he organised several Summer Universities. He moved from Sweden to Netherlands. Today he is working as Biotechnology Specialist for Janssen Biologics in and lives in Noordwijk aan Zee.









Jürgen Tobisch (36) was member of three antennae: Mainz/Wiesbaden, Berlin and Tübingen. He was especially interested in films, so it was no surprise that he organised the Film Convention of AEGEE-Mainz/Wiesbaden in 2002 and the short film festival Shooting Europe in Karlsruhe 2005/06. He also organised several Summer Universities. Today je is Project Manager at the company Titelbild and lives in Berlin.









Marie-Jeanne Chira is one of only two new female Les Anciens members.  In her local antenna AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca she nearly held every board position since 2000: Fund-raising, Secretary, Human Resources and SU Coordinator. Between 1999 and 2007 she organised various events. On European level, Marie-Jeanne was active in the Network Commission in the term 2006/07. Today she is Customer Communicator for the company Emerson in Cluj-Napoca.









Michał Rudziecki (39) is one of the many AEGEE oldies who live and work in Brussels today. Michal is lawyer and works for the European Parliament. During his AEGEE time, he was among others President of AEGEE-Warszawa in 1995.








Michel Peels (38) lists President of AEGEE-Eindhoven as his main achievement. He held this position in the glorious Brabant antenna in 2001/2. He still lives in the great Philips city and works as Media Director for ABC Communications.










Miriam Reid is most Les Anciens members better known as Miriam Menyhartova. Under that name she was president of AEGEE-Bratislava from 1995 till 1997. This will ring a bell among many, many Les Anciens members. These were the years when AEGEE-Bratislava organised the legendary New Year’s events in Bardelovske Kupele in the High Tatra. More than 100 peoplec went to these events in these years – and this meant half of AEGEE-Europe. You can see the consequences of these events even today: Ralli Böhne met Esther Baan there in 1996. Now they are married and have three children. Miriam did not only change her name, but also the place where she lives. Today she is Major Accounts Relationship Manager for Chartis Insurance and lives in St. Albans.






Paolo Santoni (43) was for many years the heart and soul of AEGEE-Firenze. He was 10 years in the antenna’s board, of which he was three years President. In this time he organised many events and Summer Universities. However, this was not enough for him. Paolo also founded AEGEE-Siena and was first President of the antenna. He also re-founded AEGEE-Pisa twice – in 2001 and 2005. Also in Pisa he was President. Paolo, one of the most legendary Italian AEGEE members ever, works as analyst programmer for Banca MPS in Florence.









Serhan Karatas (33) held quite a variety of positions on European level. He was Audit Commissioner in 2003/4 and Education WG Speaker in the same year, he was Human Rights WG Speaker (2007/8) and Trasurer of the Dance Working Group in 2003. He was also active in several European projects, such as the Migration CST Project Team and the Civil Society & Globalisation Seminar Project Coordinator. Serhan did not care a lot about human rights issues, he also worked as trainer for AEGEE trainings. The former member of AEGEE-Istanbul and AEGEE-Izmir now made his hobby a profession. Serhan works as trainer and project consultant for various companies in Istanbul.

We hope to be able to present you our new members soon in more detail – and to see them  soon at one of our next events!