AEGEE is a place where exceptional people meet. People with different talents or interests, who create a better Europe together. Many of our members have also hobbies or jobs, which are not directly connected to AEGEE. Many are musicians, for example.  Oleksandra “Sandra” Lukavetska has one of the most exciting hobbies possible: next to her studies, the AEGEE-Lviv member works as model. The Golden Times asked her about this hobby .

Sandra Lukavetska12Golden Times: Sandra, you are working as model next to your studies and AEGEE activities for two years already. How did you become a model at a casting – can you tell more details?
Sandra Lukavetska: I always like to try something new and exciting. I have many hobbies and interests. One of them is modelling. At first it was just a hobby. My friends-photographers invited me to take part in their photo sessions. Moreover I was attending castings so I got a bit experience working in this area. At one of those castings, where I went with my friend, I was noticed by Model Agency “Bravo models” and invited to study in its modelling school.

Golden Times: When did you start for the first time to think about becoming a model? Was this sort of a childhood wish?
Sandra (smiles): In my childhood I always wanted to become a famous designer or actress. That’s why when I was four years old I asked my mother to take me to the primary art school, where I studied till I was six years old. Then I joined to the secondary art school named by Oleksa Novakivskyi. After eight years of studying there I entered to Art College, and then to the Academy of Arts, where I study nowadays. Becoming a model wasn’t my top dream but as the result of art influence in my surrounding – place of study, my friends and family – encouraged me to choose modelling sphere.

Golden Times: What do you think about model TV shows like America’s Next Top Model? Would you participate in something like that?
Sandra: In my opinion to become a part of such TV show is possible, but only when you have lots of money or a great support

Sandra Lukavetska2Golden Times: You study at the Academy of Arts at the Faculty of Graphic Design and Polish philology in the University. So what are your plans for the future?
Sandra: I think that my main job in future will be graphic design and probably I’ll try find something in this field even abroad. However I don’t reject modelling as extra source of a good income. I feel that I can combine these two jobs.

Golden Times: What type of modelling tasks do you normally do?
Sandra: Among all tasks I prefer photoshoots. Fortunately there is enough work on the catwalks and as hostesses in Lviv nowadays. This city has a great popularity in Ukrainian fashion industry and one of the famous fashion events takes place twice a year in Lviv as well as in Kyiv. Ukrainian Fashion Week is the only officially recognized Prêt-a-Porter Week in Ukraine that occupies an honorable place in international fashion industry.

Sandra Lukavetska4Golden Times: What was your latest job in modelling?
Sandra: My latest job in modelling was for the magazine “Lviv Wedding”. It was a shooting in a wedding dress from the famous Lvivian designer Lesya Homytska. I had great pleasure working with such a proficient team.

Golden Times: It’s always said that modelling is a very tough task. Is it really like that?
Sandra: Yes, it is true. People always think that it’s an easy job and that models earn money for nothing. To be honest, it’s not so easy to walk three hours on high heels, wearing an uncomfortable dress or to stand in different positions. People think that models always have a perfect hairstyle and make-up, it’s not always like this – sometimes make-up artists or hairdressers do something really terrible but you have to handle it and try to demonstrate such an image that they demand. Different situations happen. But you have to behave well, you have to be reserved and not complain at all. Because you can lose your job.

Golden Times: Is there a chance for you to work abroad as model?
Sandra: Yes, of course. Our model agency “Bravo models” often sends its girls and boys to work as models in China, India, Italy, France or the UK.

Golden Times: How long can women usually stay in the model business before the next generation takes over?
Sandra: The official age for models is from 12 to 28 years old. But, you know, everything depends on you and your professionalism.

Sandra Lukavetska1Golden Times: You also work as make-up artist. What do you like about that?
Sandra: I like the makeup artist job especially because it’s a creative one and is close to painting. Matching colours, colourful hues, the play of light and shadow are exciting tasks it’s like you create a new painting but your canvas is the face of model!

Golden Times: Finally, a few words about AEGEE. How did you join AEGEE? And what was your personal AEGEE highlight so far?
Sandra: AEGEE is like a reflection of my personality. It has everything I need – social and cultural exchange, international conferences, seminars, training courses, case study trips and of course friends all around Europe. I joined AEGEE when I was 18 years old. I studied at the Lviv State College of Applied and Decorative Art after Ivan Trush. My lecturer of management and economics was Maryana Semenyak – the President of AEGEE-Lviv. She knew that I like travelling, meeting new people. She told me that I’m responsible student and study great and she encouraged me telling that such people as me are necessary for our organisation. I was intrigued and I decided to try something new. After the first trip I fell in love with AEGEE and since that time I’m one of the active members.