In the past past months the Les Anciens family grew a lot – for a change, in the past few weeks the families of the Les Anciens members got a lot larger. Not less than three babies were born.

It started already on 3rd of July: At 2.30 am, in the middle of the night from Saturday to Sunday, Sebastian was born. Both parents, Les Anciens member Matthieu Minart and former AEGEE-Praha board member Lenka Němcová, were overwhelmed with joy. “Both child and mother are fit and happy as well,” Matthieu said just a few hours after the exciting night (see first picture). “At his birth, Sebastian had 4.2 kg and was 51 cm tall,” stated the Credit Analyst for Honeywell Transportation Systems who lives in Prague.

On 26th of August another boy was born: Amos Valentin Koch. He is the third son already of former Les Anciens Secretary-General Kerstin Klopp-Koch and her husband. “The whole family is extremely happy,” Kerstin stated (see second photo).

This week, finally the third new Les Anciens child saw the light of this world. Lorenzo Lepore, son of Les Anciens member Luca Lepore and Paola Mossa, was born – with 3270g and 49cm!

The board of Les Anciens wishes all three families all the best!