Tim Valbert: Fantastic Baker and AEGEE Bear

The bear and his followers: Tim Valbert

While the Gold­en Times is get­ting close to the mag­i­cal num­ber of 1000 fans, let’s look back and present the AEGEE mem­ber, who was the 900th fan: Tim Val­bert from AEGEE-Aachen. Being 31 years old, Tim is among the more expe­ri­enced mem­bers of the orga­ni­za­tion, but still enthu­si­as­tic: “The ES1 will be in Aachen this year, and I will be help­ing once again”, he says. Find out more about Tim, who was the AEGEE-Aachen bear and has bak­ing and watch­ing “Games of Thrones” among his hob­bies.

The bear and his fol­low­ers: Tim Val­bert

Gold­en Times: Tim, you are the 900th fan of the Gold­en Times! Con­grat­u­la­tions! How did you hear about the Gold­en Times? Do you read it reg­u­lar­ly?
Tim Val­bert: I first read the Gold­en Times on Face­book, where it was linked from some oth­er AEGEE read­ers. Dur­ing the Ago­ra in Enschede I read it fair­ly reg­u­lar­ly, because it was a good way to get all the exit­ing infor­ma­tion with a nice point of view.

Gold­en Times: Tell us about your­self: how old are you, what did you study? And what do you do at the soft­ware com­pa­ny where you work?
Tim: I am too old to die young, so that’s 31. I am still study­ing lin­guis­tics and eco­nom­ics and eco­nom­ic his­to­ry. At the soft­ware com­pa­ny I am cre­at­ing the user man­u­als and the help files for our pro­grams. Also I design most of the pub­li­ca­tions like the print­ed newslet­ter and some oth­er stuff.

Gold­en Times: How and when did you join AEGEE-Aachen?
Tim: If I recall cor­rect­ly, it was in autumn 2005. At least that was the first time I attend­ed a social meet­ing and became a mem­ber short­ly after­wards.

Tim — always help­ful

Gold­en Times: What have you been doing on local and Euro­pean lev­el so far? I saw that you were board mem­ber twice, in dif­fer­ent years…
Tim: Well, at the local Ago­ra in 2005, I became a board mem­ber. I was not aware, that when the sug­ges­tions for the new board are made, you have to scream “STOP!”, oth­er­wise you might get elect­ed. At least, that is how I remem­ber it… So after join­ing AEGEE two months before, I got to be on the board as a HR Respon­si­ble and stayed for one year. When the next board decid­ed to organ­ise the Ago­ra in Aachen, I decid­ed to can­di­date for board again, since all the for­mer board mem­bers resigned to be on the Ago­ra team. That was in 2007, I was Sec­re­tary till end of 2008. Actu­al­ly, I was not so active on the Euro­pean lev­el, if you don’t count attend­ing events or Ago­ras.

Gold­en Times: You men­tioned the Agor Aachen in 2008. What are the best and worst mem­o­ries from the Ago­ra organ­i­sa­tion?
Tim: Oh, where to start? This time was so full of work and mem­o­ries, but because of sleep depri­va­tion I can­not remem­ber all of it clear­ly… One of the best mem­o­ries would be attend­ing the Euro­pean night as the AEGEE Aachen bear, that was real fun! And of course work­ing with this amaz­ing team, we real­ly grew close dur­ing the 4 days of the Ago­ra. Worst mem­o­ry? Since I was also the respon­si­ble for food and logis­tics, maybe the prob­lems with the gyms at the first day. You can­not imag­ine what a dis­as­ter a wrong key can be! And the danc­ing class, which would not leave the booked gym…

Gold­en Times: What was the best event you’ve vis­it­ed so far in AEGEE? And the best you organ­ised?
Tim (smiles): The Ago­ra in Napoli was kind of spe­cial, even if there were some prob­lems. But the AEGEE spir­it was real­ly great there. For the best one I organ­ised, maybe the mem­bers’ week­end in 2006. Or one of the count­less sum­mer uni­ver­si­ties, which I didn’t organ­ise, but had the plea­sure to assist.

Gold­en Times: And where would you like to go with AEGEE this year?
Tim: To Aachen! The ES1 will be in Aachen this year, and I will be help­ing once again!

Gold­en Times: Did you fol­low the news about Ago­ra Enschede? Which impres­sion did you get from the Ago­ra?
Tim: I fol­lowed the news – thanks to Gold­en Times! — and I had the impres­sion, that there were big com­mu­ni­ca­tion­al prob­lems, which should not hap­pen in a CD or even a local board! And also I have much respect for the organ­is­ers, they did a great job! I know how hard it is, if the ple­nary goes on and on, but the meals are ready…

Gold­en Times: Please com­plete the sen­tence: “AEGEE is for me…”
Tim: …all about the AEGEE peo­ple!

Gold­en Times: What oth­er hob­bies and inter­ests do you have aside from AEGEE?
Tim: With my motor­cy­cle I go on tours, like this year to Switzer­land. And I enjoy a good beer with friends, but actu­al­ly, this is not real­ly aside from AEGEE.

Gold­en Times: I saw that you are very much into fan­ta­sy films and shows, such as Game of Thrones? How come and what do you like about it?
Tim: Uuh­hh, I love Game of Thrones! It is such a good sto­ry, and the books are even bet­ter! The dif­fer­ent points of view with­in the nar­ra­tion are great. And it is not all good or evil, black or white, there are all shades of grey in between, so it is a quite com­plex sto­ry.

Lost chance: if Tim had had a par­rot, he would be a pirate now.

Gold­en Times: As a child, what did you dream to be your future job after grow­ing up?
Tim: Pirate! But I could not find a par­rot…

Gold­en Times: You stud­ies in Aachen, work in Aachen and grew up not far from there. What do you like so much about Aachen and the area? Will you stay there for­ev­er?
Tim: Well, I grew up in a very small town, with about 30 res­i­dents. When I moved to Aachen, it was a big city for me — that changed in the last few years. What I like is that near­ly every­thing is in walk­ing dis­tance. Or you can take the walk­ing bus. But hon­est­ly, I am not sure if I will stay in Aachen for­ev­er, most like­ly not.

Gold­en Times: What’s nev­er miss­ing in your fridge?
Tim: Bacon.

Gold­en Times: How would you describe your­self in five key­words?
Tim: Just one: Awe­some. And: Fan­tas­tic bak­er.