We still can feel the Christmas atmosphere and New Year is coming. Why don’t we do something special to others? It’s a perfect occasion to donate to charity – and you can contribute! AEGEE-Warszawa created the project “AEGEE Calendar 2014”, showing most beautiful places in Warsaw and most motivated and cheerful AEGEE members, who would like to support a noble cause. “The profits from the sale of the calendars will be donated to the Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation”, says Aneta Bielicka, PR Responsible of AEGE-Warszawa. The Golden Times spoke with her and the two calendar project coordinators, Aneta Wróbel and Justyna Michałek.

Aneta Wrobel
Aneta Wróbel is one of the creators of the calendar

Golden Times: What is the calendar about?
Aneta Bielicka: New Year is coming, so we really wanted to help children in need. But how to do it in the best way? Most people try to help them by buying toys or sweets. That’s great and generous of course, but not many people realize that the pain exists at the same time in hospitals and any toy can cure it – money and medicine are needed. That’s why we have decided to support the Warsaw Hospice for Children Foundation. The institution not only takes care about children with serious, incurable illnesses, but also gives strength to their families. We created a calendar, which we want to sell and all the profits deliver to the Foundation.

Golden Times: How does it look like?
Aneta Bielicka: It’s already printed! There were twelve photo sessions with four photographers and members of our antenna as models. We also wanted to present the most interesting and popular places in Warsaw, so you may find some symbols of our city there too. You can see the examples of photos in the Facebook gallery – we used some of them in our Calendar.

Calendar shooting3
Justyna Michałek (left) during the calendar shooting.

Golden Times: Is it the first time you are creating a charity calendar?
Aneta Bielicka: We created the first calendar last year, but now we want to promote it on a bigger scale. Firstly the aim was to make and interesting project, have fun, take some pictures. But then we thought that the calendar may help someone, so we decided to give all the profits to charity. Last year we supported the animal shelter. This year the two coordinators Aneta Wróbel and Justyna Michałek took the challenge and created the second edition of the project, which will support Warsaw Hospice.

Aneta Bielicka
Aneta Bielicka, PR Responsible of AEGEE-Warszawa

Golden Times: How was making the calendar?
Aneta Wróbel: It was my first project in AEGEE and I must say that it was a great experience. I am really proud of the final result. First of all we opened our hearts to people in need and I am really glad that we will support them. That’s why I hope that a lot of AEGEEans will join us, get a calendar and hang it on a wall! Secondly, it was a pleasure to meet all of the highly motivated people from AEGEE – they really gave me power for next projects!
Justyna Michałek: I joined AEGEE in October and immediately got involved into this project. Working on the calendar gave me a lot of satisfaction. I was pleasantly surprised by the people who wanted to work in our group. I am happy there were so many of them! I already know that it won’t be my last project in AEGEE.

Calendar shooting2
During the calendar shooting a lot of great pictures were made.

Golden Times: How many calendars did you print?
Aneta Bielicka: So far we have produced 60 copies, but they are almost sold. We haven’t expected that, so of course we plan to print additional ones. We have a good run, so why don’t help more? The work, that we put into this project makes that we want to support children even more!

Golden Times: How much will it cost and how can people order and get it?
Aneta Bielicka: It’s very simple. The calendar costs only 15 euro, so you have to make a bank transfer. Then send a confirmation with your home address to aegee.kalendarz@gmail.com and we’ll send it to you! Shipping costs are included.

Banking details of AEGEE-Warszawa:
IBAN: PL08114010100000319304001001

Click here for the photo shooting album on Facebook.