A great day for Valerie and David Stulik! On Thursday, 14th of April, their family got just 53 centimeters bigger. Valerie gave birth to her second child, Adam. They already had a little daughter, Ema. Overwhelmed with joy, David told the Golden Oldie: “Having babies is the best momentum that you can experience in this world. I indeed wish that everybody could enjoy these feeelings!”

Football fan David shortly described his son like this: “3.41kg, 53cm. Right-foot kicker.” Although he was happy anyway to become father for the second time, he rejoyced especially after seeing that it was a boy, having now kids from each gender. Asked about the gender before the birth, he said with a smile: “We actually do not know, because we do not want to know. However, if it is a girl, we will have to have a third attempt.” Currently the happy mother Valerie is still in the hospital. “We are going to visit her again tomorrow morning,” David said on Thursday evening. “She might stay there till Saturday night.”

Just a few hours after the birth, David shared his happiness on Facebook. Within a few hours, about 100 friends congratulated him via Facebook, looking at the photos from the hospital, with a tired, but happy Valerie, a cheerful David and a slightly confused looking Ema, who doesn’t really know yet what to make of the little bundle of joy in the big hospital bed.

So, finally the Stulik family is complete! Or is it really? “Well, you cannot ever say that your family is complete,” David cuts in. “You need for the real football team at least 11 players. So you can see that the way is still too long!”