Get to know the CD Candidates: Niccolò Berni

Get to know the CD Candidates: Marijana Asprovska

Get to know the CD Candidates: Freddie Ryan

Get to know the CD Candidates: Teddy van Amelsvoort

Meet every Comité Directeur of AEGEE-Europe!

AEGEE-Salerno – the Antenna of the Year 2019

Evrim Emiroğlu: “I loved hitchhiking across Spain”

Roberto Rossetto: “The Organizer’s Curse was on me”

Zeynep Ozan: “I want to touch people’s lives”

Quentin Meux: “My fridge is always empty”

Lia Touska: “I love knitting scarfs for my friends”

Yusuf Tırıçoğlu: “My first Agora enlightened me”

Rita Semchenko: “I imagined my toys are my students”

Kutay Kaya: “I like cold weather a lot”

Valentina Žuvic: “My first SU gave me wings to fly!”

Enes Furkan Kurt: “My dream is to become a DJ”

Lila Quaile: “My first board position was president”

Anne Kautzschmann: “Rugby is my second passion”

Hanna Alajõe: “Frozen vegetables are my saviour”

Oksana Spolyak: “AEGEE is for me Spirit”

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